Jorge Santayana

Aquellos que no recuerdan el pasado están condenados a repetirlo?

New Work - Aprendiendo de las cuencas
New Work - The Joycean Society
New Work - 19 Festival de Jazz Costa Brava


Laus 2013

We are proud to announce Bis has been awarded in the past Laus Prizes edition with a Gold Laus for the cover collection for Sala d'Art Jove, a Silver Laus for the exhibition Contextos en Desuso and a Bronze Laus for the Dalí de Nit poster.

Type in crisis

Bis speach at BAU. Wednesday, july 3rd 18:30h
Can type provide frugal solutions to designers for underbudget projects? Can typography be a resource by itself in a creative process? Most of our projects have been developed usign type as a major tool… Crisis context push designers to use type to avoid other production expenses… does it affect our work